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Skin care in the winter

Winter is the time to think about your skin. After the summer as the suntans start to fade our skin gets drier, and we have to pay more attention to its care. Just as it’s important to take care of our skin in the summer, skin care in the winter is just as important. In particular, we have to moisturise it, exfoliate it and survey it. That means look at it and check for new skin blemishes or lumps.
I stress the surveillance because winter is a time of contemplation. We have more time to see whether we have developed any new pigmented lesions. We can also check if existing moles have changed.
In winter contact with clothes, wool and washing powders make our skin itchy. That draws our attention to our skin in a way that we are less aware of it in the summer. So winter is the time to look after your skin. It’s the perfect time to get rid of the summer blemishes, moles or pigmented lesions checked by your dermatologist.
Blemishes or lumps can occur where we can see them, or where we cannot, such as on our backs. Dr Jennifer Crawley at Clinica London will do a mole check including looking at your back.


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