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Take 30 minutes to get started with fixing your ptosis… you’ll be happy you did!

Did you know that it takes just 30 minutes for you to get started on fixing your ptosis? 

After a 30-minute initial consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon, they’ll discover the history of your ptosis, do the appropriate eyelid measurements and advise you as to what surgery is going to be required.  They will outline a plan.  They will tell you what is involved in the surgery and explain to you what the benefits are and of course warn you of the risks.  For that 30 minutes, you will learn a lot about your ptosis and be reassured that something can be done to help your droopy eyelid or eyelids.  

At the end of the consultation, a report will be dictated, written up and sent to you a few days later. That report will summarise all the findings and the recommendations. We will also send you a separate code for the surgery.  In those 30 minutes that you will be examined by the consultant oculoplastic surgeon, you will also be sent an information sheet on ptosis. That has been specially prepared by Clinica London to help you understand more about your condition and what is involved in ptosis surgery.  

If after your 30-minute consultation and after receiving your report you still have questions you will have ample opportunity to ask us. You can reach us by email or even ring me up and have a short chat to learn more.  Our staff at reception and our clinic coordinator Jenny Burrows will be happy to help to explain to you what is involved with surgery. They will help you with any points that you have not fully understood.  

Surgery is done here at Clinica London as a day case. It is done under local anaesthetic so that there is full cooperation of the eyelid being able to look up and down.  Your eyelid or eyelids will be completely numbed.  So do not waste time and take that 30 minutes to get started with fixing your ptosis.  You will be happy that you have made that move.  You will have more information, and you will have your report summarising the findings and the recommendations so you will be able to decide how you proceed at your leisure.  You will be making that decision from a much better position, one of information, and I hope you will be happy that you have taken those 30 minutes to get started with fixing your ptosis.


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