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Surgical Options for Myopia Treatment

There are two surgical options for Myopia Treatment:

1.    Corneal surgical techniques
2.    Intra-ocular techniques
Myopia is the most frequent refractive error in our modern society.  In people with myopia, the image of an object is formed in front of the retina. This is due to the excessive power of the transparent media of the eye in relation to its length.https://www.clinicalondon.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/surgical-options-myopia-treatment-300×100.jpg
The purpose of refractive surgery is to reduce or end dependence on glasses or contact lenses.  Refractive corneal surgery is carried out by a refractive corneal surgeon, which can be reached at the London Vision Clinic, the Focus Clinic, Moorfields Eye Hospital, and Centre for Sight, among others. At Clinica London, we do not do any corneal refractive surgery.
Our intra-ocular cataract surgeons, Jaheed Khan and Laura Crawley, do intra-ocular techniques, where your lens has a cataract and you are myopic. They can take the cataract out and put in the appropriate intra-ocular lens. You get rid of not only your cataract but also your myopia.
There are other intra-ocular techniques. These include the implantation of lenses, called phakic lenses in front of the crystalline lens. This leaves your natural lens intact, and clear lens phaco cataract extraction.
Those techniques are done by the more specialised corneal refractive surgeons who are dealing with that type of surgery every day.
The choice of technique indicated depends on many factors including:

  • age
  • the degree of myopia
  • the appearance of the cornea
  • the look of the front of the eye anterior chamber, whether the lens is clear or has some early cataract
  • the intra-ocular pressure.

It is essential to get a full eye examination so that your ophthalmologist can recommend the most suitable surgical technique based on your expectations and the characteristics of your eyes.  It may be that, for your myopia, you are best to continue with your contact lenses and glasses for a few more years, as there are always advantages and disadvantages of any surgery.
Please do ask one of our general ophthalmologists, with an interest in intra-ocular surgery, for their advice, Mr Jaheed Khan or Miss Laura Crawley.


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