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Will there be a complete cure for sticky eye with syringing and probing under a short anaesthesia?

If I have to do syringing and probing under a short anaesthesia, this has about a 95% chance of success. There are a small group of patients whom I have to also do a nasal endoscopy to open up a cyst and drain the mucus via the nose. There is an even smaller percentage in whom there is a bigger block or congenital anomaly where, for instance, part of the tear duct system has not been made properly or joined up properly.
If you have any doubt, discuss your baby’s watery and sticky eye with your general practitioner, or health care advisor, or book to see myself at Clinica London. I have been looking after children with watering eyes for the last 20 years. I will be pleased to advise on your baby’s, or infant’s, watery or sticky eye.


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