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English quintessential summer is of warm sun, Wimbledon tennis with strawberries and cream, and sometimes a hard rainfall which briefly stops play. However, this year a minute virus has stopped play when on April 1stWimbledon 2020 was cancelled. Nadal is sailing around the Mediterranean in his new catamaran, and although Djokovich did play some tennis, he then partied hard and as you know had asymptomatic Covid-19, which put a stop to that brief relief from the absence of tennis. We are reduced to watching Wimbledon replays and thinking about what makes the top tennis player’s so special to us.

We so admire Wimbledon tennis players because of their physical skill moving rapidly around the court and of their sheer brilliance in performing shots which most of us non-tennis athletes cannot even imagine because we would not see the ball moving at around 125 miles per hour towards us.  I would likely jump out of the way! We admire our tennis players for their vision.

Here at Clinica London, our award-winning ophthalmologists have a wealth of expertise and aim to provide you with a first-class service. The same way tennis players deliver dedication and top-quality entertainment in sport, we take inspiration from this and apply it to our own practice. Why are we inspired by tennis players? Because the ball falls in the first time, even if it hits the net; It gets over and makes the other side, regardless.


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