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Troubled by skin tags? Have them removed quickly and painlessly

Skin tags are small growths that hang off the skin and look like enlarged or elongated warts.

Dr Jennifer Crawley looks after patients who have skin tags. She treats skin tags everywhere on the body, apart from the genitalia.
People who get skin tags on their neck, their armpits, their chest and even the top of the legs in the pants line often go to see her as she is a consultant dermatologist who can determine whether or not it is a skin tag, and can advise on the best way to remove them.
Skin tags are annoying because if they are on the chest or underneath the breasts, they catch on clothing, or on jewellery if they are around the neck. If women have skin tags in their armpits, it can make shaving difficult.  They are often multiple.
Depending on where your skin tags are and how many you have, Dr Jennifer Crawley, the consultant dermatologist at Clinica London, will remove them as a minor surgical procedure here at our clinic, where she would treat you as an outpatient.
Clinica London has a special treatment room put aside for treating skin lesions with cryotherapy or surgery, where the patient can be comfortable with the nurse and the doctor.
Skin tags are usually very obviously skin tags, but if there is any suspicion that they may be any other type of skin lesion, Dr Crawley will excise them and send them to the laboratory for histopathological analysis. The patient will return to see Dr Crawley to find out the result.
Skin tags are annoying. They can be multiple and embarrassing. They can catch on things and bleed, and they can irritate you. However, our experienced dermatologist, Dr Jennifer Crawley, can remove them easily.


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