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Give yourself a computer holiday

We are constantly staring at computer screens, be they desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones. We have become hooked on our devices. If we cannot find anything to do, then we look at our screens. We check to see if we have any new messages. We read the world news. We look at social media to see what our friends are doing. We go shopping on the internet. When we are at work, most of us are using computer screens, often continuously for very long hours.
Today I realised something while I was in the clinic. I realised that with a long day at work sitting at my desk, my eyes were going to feel quite dazed and dry by the end of the day, to the extent that they would even become blurred. So I have devised a plan which is very simple.
It is: “Turn the computer off or turn away from the computer.” Literally. Now turning the computer off does not necessarily mean actually logging out, but just turning the screen off so that you have periods of rest.
You want to avoid the glaring screen lights and electromagnetic radiation. Similarly, you want to avoid staring back at a brightly lit screen when invariably you will not be blinking, and your eyes will be drying out because of the heat and light produced.
As well as turning the screen off for brief periods, you can turn away from it. If you cannot switch the screen off – the “I don’t know how” lament – one alternative, if you have a swivel chair at your desk, is simply to turn away from the computer.  Put your feet up on a stool and look out of the window, or close your eyelids and just rest and breathe. This will help you to relax – not only in resting your eyes but also your body from the rush and hub and bubble of screen life.


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