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Switch off your computer – and relax! Your eyes will feel better for it

I liken using the screen to walking down a busy road. There is always something to look at which is of interest. This noise, this sight, this movement, and we want this constant mobility in our lives because often it distracts us from ourselves and stops us from having to think about doing nothing and relaxing.
In summer it is much easier for us to remember what it is like to relax because we go on holiday and after a few days we stop using our screens and stop looking at our mobile phones quite as often. To this extent when I was on holiday recently, I realised that I had gone for a swim in the morning and was making breakfast and I had not once thought about looking at any form of screen.
I had not opened my tablet to look at the news, I had not looked at my PC to see how the clinic was doing or how many emails there were, and I had not looked at my mobile phone to see if I had missed any WhatsApp or other messages. It felt great!
I would like to say that my eyes felt great too. They felt pretty good, but I was in a hot climate, so I did feel the need for some lubricating eye drops. But generally, the whole thing of feeling relaxed and being able to turn away or not want to look at the computer taught me a lot.
Now that I am back at work, if I have just two or five minutes to spare between seeing patients, I will either turn the screen off or turn away from it. I turn around in my swivel chair so that the back of the chair is facing the computer and instead I’m looking out of the window. It is very restful for my whole body – and for my eyes. I recommend it. Turn the computer screen off or turn away from it.


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