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Patients often ask us ‘Is Ultherapy uncomfortable?’

Recently, I had a conversation with one of our nurses about a question we frequently get from our patients. ‘Is Ultherapy uncomfortable?’
So tell me, Estrella, ‘Is it painful having Ultherapy?’
Estrella: No, Ultherapy it is not painful, it is a weird sensation on your face, like a mosquito bite, but it is not painful. We cover for light pain with light painkillers beforehand, that they take in the clinic, plus apply some aesthetic cream for 30 minutes beforehand. So those combined measures help significantly reduce their discomfort.
At Clinica London, our staff does whatever we can to make you relaxed in comfortable. Jane Olver is our Ultherapy consultant at Clinica. To ask any other questions you may have about Ultherapy or to book an appointment to see if it’s a suitable treatment for you, contact us.


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