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Swift and Timely Care: Accessing the Urgent Eye Care service at Clinica London

When it comes to our precious sense of sight, timely and immediate care can make all the difference. Common eye emergencies can occur suddenly, leaving you in need of swift medical attention to prevent permanent damage. In London, we have several excellent NHS Eye Accident and Emergency Services that can be accessed every day, including weekends and at most hours. Clinica London runs an Urgent Eye Care service every weekday, providing rapid access to private medical eye care in Harley Street by internationally trusted ophthalmic consultants. 

The patient with an urgent eye problem should call +44 020 7935 7990 or email contact@clinicalondon.co.uk between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday. 

In such critical moments of experiencing an urgent eye problem, having access to a specialised and responsive private healthcare clinic can be a lifesaver and greatly reassuring. Our urgent eye care facility stands out as an exceptional service, where cutting-edge eye diagnostics, consultant expertise, with compassionate eye nursing care converge to address your urgent eye concerns promptly.  

Understanding the Urgent Eye Care service 

Clinica London runs a rapid access urgent eye service. We are open during weekday working hours.

Many people do not want to go to a busy Eye Accident and Emergency Department and prefer Clinica London to be their first port of call because of its accessibility, expertise and sense of elegance and calm. 

The urgent eye care service at Clinica London provides swift and timely assessment and eye treatment and, as such, is regarded as a private medical rapid-access eye service. It is a beacon of hope for individuals facing urgent eye problems.  

Clinica London´s Urgent Eye Care service – Private Medical Eye Care: Clinica London is a privately run independent medical ophthalmology and dermatology clinic for children and adults. The urgent eye care service is designed to provide you with rapid eye attention and specialised eye care when you have an urgent eye problem.  

Common urgent eye emergencies

  • sudden visual disturbances
  • flashes and floaters
  • suspected retinal detachment 
  • eye and eyelid injuries  
  • acute eye corneal abrasions (scratches)  
  • foreign body on eye (corneal FB)
  • foreign body under the upper eyelid (sub-tarsal FB)
  • acute red eyes, both painless and painful 
  • acute red sticky eyes (discharging) 
  • severe eye discomfort and pain 
  • chemical injury ***** first aid tip, immediately wash out eye 

With a team of highly trained consultant ophthalmologists and allied eye care professionals, Clinica London is equipped to handle a wide spectrum of eye conditions requiring urgent intervention, including treatment of corneal abrasions, corneal or sub-tarsal foreign body removal, acute conjunctivitis, acute uveitis, sudden vision loss, flashes and floaters from a retinal tear, retinal detachments, and more. If you think you have signs of an urgent eye problem, you should not hesitate to contact our front desk staff.  

Eye doctor checking patient's eye

Key features that set Clinica London´s Urgent Eye Care service apart 

  1. Availability: Urgent eye problems and eye emergencies can strike both children and adults at any time, and the urgent eye service at Clinica London understands this. We endeavour to ensure that patients can seek same-day urgent eye care on workdays. For busy professionals or parents with a child, having access to urgent eye care in unhurried, calm, and clean professional surroundings can be an enormous boost. 
  2. Specialised Eye Expertise: The clinic boasts a team of consultant ophthalmologists with advanced training and experience in handling urgent eye cases. The professionals are well-versed in diagnosing and treating a wide array of conditions efficiently. 
  3. State-of-the-art diagnostic tools: Time is of the essence for eye emergencies. The clinic is equipped with cutting-edge eye diagnostic equipment, including ultrasound, scanning laser ophthalmoscopy and ocular coherence tomography, with wide field and OCT-A, which all aid in swift and accurate assessments, allowing for timely interventions. Our outpatient and Eye-DOC (Eye Diagnostics and Orthoptic Centre), nursing and technical team are super experienced in eye diagnostics and motility assessment.  
  4. Urgent Eye Treatments: We cover a wide range of acute eye conditions requiring urgent ophthalmic treatment. 
  5. Urgent Eye laser and cryotherapy treatment: We have specific eye lasers and cryotherapy to treat urgent retinal issues. 
  6. In-house dispensing pharmacy: We have an in-house pharmacy from which we can dispense your prescription eye drops and ointments, and other necessary tablets if needed.  
  7. Collaborative approach: The team at Clinica London believes in a collaborative approach to patient care. This means that once the urgent situation is under control, the patient’s primary eye care needs and long-term well-being are addressed in a holistic manner. The consultants, ophthalmic technician, eye nurses, clinic supervisor and reception staff all collaborate to provide a welcoming, safe eye journey. 
  8. Patient-Centric Care: Beyond medical expertise, the clinic prides itself on providing compassionate and patient-centred care. The team of nurses, eye technician, reception staff and the clinic supervisor all understand the stress and anxiety that can accompany urgent eye emergencies and strive to create a comfortable and reassuring environment for each patient, dispelling their fears. 

Accessing the Clinic 

In times of an eye emergency requiring urgent eye care, it’s essential that you know how to access the service at Clinica London. You are advised to call the clinic’s dedicated phone at +44 207 935 7990 or to send an email to contact@clinicalondon.co.uk. You may visit the website for further instructions on where to find us. The clinic’s responsive staff will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure you receive timely attention.  

Our ophthalmic consultants have wide expertise and will help treat and manage the majority of urgent and emergency eyelid, ocular surface, corneal, glaucoma, lens, vitreous, retina, and optic nerve problems. We have four retinal ophthalmologists, all of whom can treat urgent retinal problems.  

The Urgent Eye Care service at Clinica London is for children and adult patients from age zero to over 95 years of age.  

Woman doctor doing an eye check in one patient


The Urgent Eye Care service at Clinica London serves as a shining example of a private medical facility that goes above and beyond to provide swift and specialised care when it matters most. With its emphasis on expertise, cutting-edge technology, and patient well-being, this clinic stands ready to address urgent eye concerns, safeguarding both vision and peace of mind. In times of unexpected eye emergencies, knowing that such a facility exists can be a true source of comfort and reassurance. We want you to see well, feel well and live well.  


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