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Want to look more awake? Get a ptosis cure

Ptosis makes your eyes look sleepy, mainly if both eyes are ptotic. You can be going around with your eyelids half open, and most people will think that you are half asleep.

To stop yourself looking quite sleepy, you can have a ptosis cure. You have heard of spa cures, but you probably have not heard of ptosis cure. Ptosis cure is having eyelid surgery to reverse the sleepy looking eyelids. It is specific surgery done under local anaesthetic at Clinica London by myself, a specialist in oculoplastic surgery. 

Sleepy eyelids are most common in patients between 35-55 years old, though it can occur a little earlier if it runs in the family and it also happens older with ageing. You can have an eyelid assessment with me at Clinica London for your sleepy eyelids where I will take the history and exclude any medical cause for the tired, ptotic eyelids. I will do measurements and then propose the surgery of upper eyelid ptosis correction under local anaesthetic as a day case here at Clinica London.

The results of this surgery are in the range of 75% success with two beautiful full open eyelids which are looking equal. In a small number of patients, the healing is a bit slower, and there can be some puffiness, to begin with. There can be a little asymmetry, but only about 8% to 10% of patients require a second procedure on their eyelids because of them either being too high, too low after surgery or later dropping again.

The benefit of having ptosis surgery is that it can reverse your sleepy look and help you to look more awake all the time. If you look more awake you are going to be more dynamic; you are going to relate better to other people, you will look aesthetically better and less drowsy and sleepy.

The surgery does not hurt, and the recovery is between five and ten days. If both eyelids are looking sleepy, I can help both to look more awake by a surgical ptosis cure.


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