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Watering Eye Conference

The Philippines hosts tenth world congress on tears and lacrimal diseases
Some 500 delegates from around the world attended the 10th congress of the International Society of Darcology and Dry Eye held at Manila -Asia’s “Pearl of the Pacific” – in December.
The event, which included a joint meeting with the Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology, was hosted by Prof Reynaldo M. Javate. Representing the UK, ophthalmic and Oculoplastic surgeon Jane Olver, who had held the position of the society’s treasurer, was elected vice president of the new ISD and DE executive board. Among her council duties over the next three years will be to liaise with international colleagues to develop and run the society’s website.
Jane presented an invited lecture on tips and techniques for re-doing endoscopic DCR. Other discussions focused on – amongst others – clinical scientific research on dacrology and Dysfunctional Tear Syndrome.
The packed programme included sessions on lacrimal diseases and surgery, paediatric lacrimal disorders, basic research on tears and the ocular surface and classification of dry and watering eyes and the various treatments available.
The relatively new development of trans canalicular lacrimal surgery – involving working within the tear duct system via the nose, using a minute endoscope – was also discussed.
The founder of Clinica London was especially impressed by a talk on nano silver particles given by Karla Chaloupka from Zurich and the Royal Free hospital in London where she has been working on her Phd.
“This talk focussed on Karla’s research into adding nano silver anti bacterial particles to a type of plastic for use in lacrimal surgery”, said Jane. “The speaker reminded us of the anti bacterial qualities of silver and it’s medical uses before the era of antibiotics.”
Among the 27 countries represented were ocular specialists from Russia, USA, Australia, Korea, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Italy and Hong Kong.
It was the first time that the event had been held in Asia where, in common with other hot climates, there is a high incidence of people suffering from dry eye and watering eye conditions.
The delegates were officially welcomed by Philippine president, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino. In his key note speech the president spoke of “compassionate eye care” expressing the hope that specialised eye health would soon reach the entire population of his country – including the poor. He thanked all the experts present for their research work, the results of which would also be of great benefit to all the people of his country.
The next ISD and DE congress will be held in Rome in May 2014.


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