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Are you getting married or attending a wedding this Summer?

Are you attending a wedding and have to look refreshed and beautiful?

The wedding season has been with us now for about a month and will continue through the whole month of July, August and most of September.
Whether you are planning your own wedding or that of a relative, best friend or are a wedding guest this summer, you can benefit from Clinica London’s top wedding advice for those newly engaged, soon to be married couples and their guests.
There is so much work involved in preparing for a wedding that you will certainly require a rest afterwards especially if you are the bride or groom; that is why the honeymoon is so valuable. You can leave all the guests behind and not stay to do the washing up. Part of the preparation for the wedding, whether it be you as a couple or a relative or guest, is making yourself look as beautiful as possible beforehand.
I often get asked at Clinica London especially by Asian men and women to help improve their faces before a wedding. It is a very important date where lots of photographs and videos will be taken, and several changes of dress or costume are required. One thing you cannot do immediately before the wedding is to have surgery, so instead there are many very suitable cosmetic aesthetic treatments that can help you before a wedding. These include Botox to get rid of angry or tired looking frown lines and forehead lines, fillers to get rid of dark under tired eye circles (TearFill) and other treatments such as Ultherapy to tighten the jowls and under neck area or Ultherapy Uplift and Intraceuticals for rehydration of the skin or Skinboosters for the hands or face again for plumping up and rehydration of tired dried skin.
At Clinica London, I do along with the nurses sitting in on an anaesthetic assessment before weddings. I start with the overall assessment listening to the patient as to what their concerns are and what their goals are before the wedding. I enquire about their skin care, the products they are currently using and their cleansing techniques. I examine the skin. I look at the volume. I look for hollows. I look for changes in colour on the skin, and I look at the bony shape. In particular, I look at symmetry. Many of the problems that I have to solve are those that show up more noticeably in photos such hands looking wrinkled and dried? (old), faces looking tired, worn, haggard and dehydrated (unhealthy), skin that looks dull, patchy and lifeless (ill). To get rid of any suggestion that a person may be old, unhealthy or even ill, we work with them from anything up to eight weeks before the wedding.
In the next blog, I shall tell you the timetable for preparing for a wedding.


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