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What are the treatment options for scars?

There are numerous treatment options that one can use for scars. The main type of scar that is troublesome for you is most likely a keloid scar which is a raised thick and lumpy scar and that can sit on top of the skin.
There are numerous treatment options that I can provide for this. We can use topical treatment or a topical steroid, a topical tape that is impregnated with a steroid. A silicone dressing is also very, very good at reducing the keloid scar.
And here at Clinica, I can also inject the keloid scar with intralesional steroid, which is very, very beneficial for keloid scarring and has numerous side effects and as such it’s very important that we discuss these at great length before we perform this type of procedure here at Clinica. But there are numerous treatment options for scars that are very successful if keloid scarring is a problem.

More about Jennifer Crawley

Jennifer Crawley is a Consultant Dermatologist at Clinica London with a special interest in dermatology. She is an expert in both adult and paediatric dermatology and has particular interests in research, teaching and leading audit projects.
She gained a MBChB qualification from University of Bristol in 2002, after gaining BSc. (Hons) Cellular & Molecular Pathology in 1999. During following years she undertook training and gained work experience in Bristol and London.
Further she has performed a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures, including surgical excision of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers, incisional biopsies, shave excisions and curettage and cautery.


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