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Oculoplastic Surgery

In this blog, I will tell you what the Oculoplastic Surgeon does.


Eyelid Surgery

The surgical repertoire of the oculoplastic and lacrimal surgeon includes correction of eyelid malpositions. These are: entropionectropion ptosislid retraction due to thyroid eye disease the treatment of ingrowing eyelashes, removal of eyelid tumours and of the surrounding tissues reconstruction of these tissues

They do blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids for droopy eyelids with excess skin and hooded eyelids and eye bags.
Removal of the eye, once a common operation, is now much rarer. It is undertaken by oculoplastic surgeons. They put a prosthesis in the socket wherever possible, to aid the later fitting of an artificial eye.
They may also undertake secondary reconstructive procedures on the eyelid and socket. This will take place following earlier removal of the eye to help maintain the prosthesis in place.


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