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The Experience After Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a wonderful life-changing surgery because visual improvements are very instantaneous. After the first day or two most, if not all patients, will notice a significant improvement. It can take a week or so to recover and most people are concerned about how their lifestyle and work life will be affected.

The most common question is, “When can I get back to work?” You can usually go back to work quickly. People will see immediate effects when they are driving at night,  and confidently drive at night without seeing glares from lights, headlights, and street lamps. In the dark days of winter, people feel more confident driving and especially carrying passengers.

A lot of our elderly relatives are visiting people for the holidays, so they seek advice for cataract surgery when it starts to become really difficult for them, but after cataract surgery, they’re back to driving confidently.


What differences will there be for me?

You will notice a difference when looking at your phone, reading speed, etc, vision improves and you can start texting your family, the effects are truly instantaneous. Now, depending on the type of lens that is needed, you may need a new prescription, reading glasses or if they have a premium multifocal glass – intraocular lens, the vision is pretty much improved immediately. People are genuinely relieved because the surgery has worked immediately and it is risk-free, risk of complications is very low.

The instantaneous effect of cataract surgery within a few days is quite amazing. We sometimes see patients at Clinica London that have often leave their cataracts for years, becoming very dense, causing them to become very depressed and frustrated. After routine cataract surgery, patients are left absolutely delighted and cannot stop smiling, often thanking us with big hugs and lots of gifts, such is the immediate difference to their lives. At the end of the day, that’s why we do this job, we love operating and improving people’s lives.

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