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What happens after your cataract surgery?

At the end of your cataract operations, the specialist will have placed the intraocular lens which is the artificial lens into the capsule of your original lens which developed the cataract.

The new IOL has been selected especially for you on an individual basis, and usually, no stitches are required, and therefore no stitches have to be removed, but you will have a small dressing with a clear shield for protection of the eye overnight. You will go home about an hour after the cataract surgery has finished.

You will then come back to see the surgeon and the nurse the day afterwards. At the end of the operation the surgeon will have given an injection of an antibiotic, and on the first day after surgery, you will start antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops for four weeks.

When the eye pad is taken off the first day after surgery, you will most likely notice a very marked improvement in your vision, but do not be disappointed as it is quite normal for it also to be blurred immediately after surgery in the first few days while the eye is settling down. The vision will then improve progressively during the first two weeks after your cataract surgery.

You may feel a little bit unbalanced immediately after your surgery, particularly if one eye has had the cataract and the focus point placed for distance vision in the long run, whereas the other eye may still have a nuclear sclerotic cataract which has made you short-sighted. Therefore it may feel that the two eyes are not working entirely together until you have the second eye cataract done. 

Your surgeon Mr Jaheed Khan and Miss Laura Crawley will advise you of the risk of this happening before you have your cataract surgery.

They will also advise you that may have some initial problems judging depth and so you should be very careful immediately after surgery descending stairs, or pouring hot drinks, or stepping off kerbs, or travelling in the tube, or on off a bus.If you do have bilateral cataracts, it is a good idea to book in to have the second eye done between one and four weeks after the first eye to get both eyes balanced and working well together.

On the first postoperative day when the nurse or consultant sees you, they will check your visual acuity, check the intraocular pressure and have a look at your eye on the slit lamp which is the bio-microscope used at Clinica London to see the structures at the front of the eye. They will be able to tell whether the eye is quiet and it is non-infected and non-leaking, and they will check that the cornea surface is intact and they will advise you about your eye drops. They will also arrange your next visit one week after surgery.


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