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What happens during an initial appointment?

At the actual cataract appointment you’ll attend the clinic and you’ll see my nurse who will measure your vision and then you’ll see me and we’ll discuss the ocular history and symptoms related to your cataract and what they specifically are and how long you’ve had those symptoms.
And whether you think that your symptoms are related to something like cataract.
To correctly diagnose cataracts we have to exclude any other causes of blurred vision. So we usually administer eyedrops as well to dilate your pupils. Those are the blacks of the eyes and they enlarge to enable me to see the lens more clearly. And then I can tell you whether I think cataracts are the main cause of your blurred vision. There are other conditions that can cause blurred vision that need to be excluded, such as things affecting the retina.
We’ll do all the necessary investigations if we see any of those conditions as well.
If you do have a cataract then we discuss the options of how you would like your surgery. How quickly, what kind of lens you would like, whether you’d like a correction of your astigmatism. What type of anesthetic and when you’d like your operation date specifically.

More about Jaheed Khan

Mr Jaheed Khan is a Consultant Eye Surgeon at Clinica London. His special expertise is in cataract surgery and conditions affecting the back of the eye, the retina, including AMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration), diabetic retinopathy, and various other diseases of the retina. He has over 15 years experience in treating people with eye problems just like you, and has published extensively in scientific journals about treating eye conditions. He teaches students at the London School of Ophthalmology in eye surgery. At Clinica London, he is responsible for Cataract Surgery and Retinal Diseases.


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