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What is meibomianitis and how is it treated?

What is meibomianitis? It is part of meibomian gland dysfunction. There are different terms used medically. It’s also a form of blepharitis or posterior blepharitis.
In the eyelid there are oily glands close to the eye surface. These oily glands secrete meibom or meibomian oil. They stop the tears from evaporating.
So if you have meibomianitis it means that the oily glands are got blocked and are inflamed. It can be quite painful. And the area to touch along the lid will look red and inflamed and you’ll have discomfort. I twill be tender when I touch it.
So the treatment of acute meibomianitis is medical. We have topical antibiotics, lots of eyelid heating, and eyelid cleaning. And just occasionally meibomianitis will convert into becoming a full chalazion, which is the meibomian cyst, often though of this beeing a stye, but it’s actually we tend to use the terms chalazion or meibomian cyst, as it’s more like a little stone in the eyelid.

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