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Why Clinica London?

Why Clinica London?

Why, what and how? These are the three important words, which Clinica London wants to answer.


Why come to Clinica London for your eyes and skin?
Because we want to deliver the best possible eye and skin care and enjoy doing so. We want you to know that Clinica London is a safe environment where you are welcomed, well looked after personally and professionally cared for. We have a team that wants to work together to maximise each day, and enjoy working for you at Clinica London.


We are a team of seven doctors, two nurses, plus all the reception and the background admin people. We are all motivated to look after our eye and skin patients and make them feel welcomed and safe.
We cover:

We also cover many aesthetic treatments including:
TearFill for dark under eye hollows, reversal of filler with HyaloFix, Ultherapy face lifting and Intraceutical oxygen facials.


We have developed our team of doctors and nurses over six years and built a super team of dedicated clinicians and front and back of house staff.
We have invested in the latest equipment for testing and monitoring the various aspects of visual function.
We are now building a bigger operating theatre to accommodate the growing number of patients opting for eyelid surgery, tear duct surgery, eye injections for macular oedema and age-related macular degeneration.
We will also keep our treatment room for a skin biopsy and curette, small aesthetic treatments such as BOTOX, Intraceutical oxygen facials, TearFill, HyaloFIx, SkinBoosters, Sculptra.
Essentially we enjoy being part of the clinic and want you to enjoy attending Clinica London for your eye and skin care – that is the Why.


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