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Why does my conjunctivitis keep coming back?
If conjunctivitis keeps coming back, it may be because you have a blocked tear duct or recurrent blepharitis, which is inflammation and crusting at the eyelash roots, causing sticky red eyes. If you have a blocked tear drainage duct you can get a watering, sticky eye but,  usually, it is not red.
If you keep getting recurrent bouts of conjunctivitis we need to find out what the source of the infection is.
Usually, conjunctivitis is caught from somebody outside, such as someone who has viral conjunctivitis, or it arises as a result of a low-grade infection that is present either in your tear sac or along your lid margin, which then flares up as recurrent conjunctivitis. An ophthalmologist will be able to diagnose the cause and give you the appropriate treatment.
This week I had a patient come into the clinic with a two-week history of Dracula-like red eyes and puffy eyelids, blurred vision and sticky eyes. She also had swollen lymph glands in front of her ears and under her chin – the pre-auricular and submandibular glands.
The diagnosis was severe viral conjunctivitis with secondary inflammatory effects, causing her corneas to cloud with the result that she had reduced vision. It kept coming back. It was a very worrying time for her.
We started her on the relevant eye drops, and I am pleased to say that this week she walked back into Clinica London looking and feeling very much better. Her eyes were less sticky, less red and she had clearer vision. She will now continue to make a full recovery.
Each case of conjunctivitis is different, and you need to see an ophthalmologist to diagnose the underlying cause of your recurrent problem and learn how we can help you to get better.


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