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The BOPSS Meeting: A once-a-year event for oculoplastic surgeons

I am very getting very excited about the forthcoming British Oculoplastic Surgery Society meeting on 21st to 23rd June.
For those of you who do not know the British Oculoplastic Surgery Society is the uniting body of ophthalmologists who practice eyelid, tear duct and orbital surgery. Notwithstanding that I am going to be chairing a session on lacrimal surgery for watering eyes and giving a talk myself on external and endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomies, I will also be updating myself from the 50 or so other talks that are being given on anatomy and surgery of the eyelids, on the complications of blepharoplasty, on thyroid eye disease and the management of eyelid skin tumours.
Usually, there are about 600 of us at the meeting who enjoy listening to the talks and also networking, that way we learn what is the most up to date oculoplastic, lacrimal and orbital treatments in children and adults. This year we have also got a great debate on whether oculoplastic surgeons should also do cataract surgery and on cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatments as part of the training for young oculoplastic surgeons. All of this helps us to become better oculoplastic surgeons, better reconstructive eyelid surgeons and better periorbital aesthetic surgeons, therefore helping you the patient.
The BOPSS meeting is held once a year in different parts of the country. This year London is hosting it for all the oculoplastic surgeons from the UK and all the oculoplastic consultant surgeons from the UK and will have key international and national speakers. I will tell you more about the session that I am going to be chairing in my next blog.


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