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Yoga for your eyesMany patients ask me whether they can do eye exercises for their eyelids, or their eye muscles, or to prevent cataracts.
I looked this up on the Internet, and all I could find was Meir Schneider – “Yoga for Your Eyes”, so I took a look to see what it offers. It exists on YouTube and as a book. I do not think it is going to cure your eyes. It might be relaxing and stimulating, and definitely controversial.
The premise is remembering to blink, to look around the room, not to keep them fixed on a computer screen, to breathe while you look around and to rest the eye. All of which seems to make enormous sense to me. Up to now, I had always said to patients that ‘no, there is not any yoga for the eyes, there is not any pilates you can do’.
I do not support the idea that you do not have to wear glasses if you do yoga for the eyes, as per the Bates technique. You can, however, have a general relaxation of your whole body by remembering to look away from the screen.
Look around your environment when you are walking through London. Do yoga with your eyes open following movements of your hands, and just generally being more aware of your surroundings.
Yoga for the eyes is not going to cure strabismus. It is not going to get you out of contact lens or glasses. It is not going to cure cataract or glaucoma. But as for general wellbeing, do not forget your eyes.


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