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Calf muscles

Hypertrophied calf muscles, particularly the gastrocnemius muscle, can cause distress either because of ache, spasms or bulky appearance. Wearing high heels and being on tip toe can accentuate the development of hypertrophied calf muscles which look bulky and unattractive. Lots of walking and gym work can also enlarge these muscles which women in paticular find unattractive.

Botulinum toxin (Botox) can be used to reduce the volume of these muscles. Injections are made in higher doses than to the face and take effect within one week. They last 4 to 6 months and have to be repeated. The results are relaxation of the muscles with a slimmer appearance to the calf.

Possible side effects include initial weakness and risk of change of gait (walk) which is temporary. Although the doses used are larger than for the face, they are still in safe levels.

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