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This Clinica London blog is to inform our patients about the different intraceuticals treatment, and the technology and techniques we use to treat it.

Ageing skin loses volume and dehydrates, making it look dull and flat, Intraceuticals helps hydrate the skin by providing water into the dermis.Hyaluronate stores water. It is infused into the skin using the hyperbaric oxygen. This will re-hydrate the epidermis and dermis and make the skin look healthy and glowing. There are 3 different types of intraceuticals.

Intraceuticals facial and eye rejuvenation

Planning to be limelight and need to look as youthful as possible this holiday season? Does your skin look dehydrated, premature old and tired or do you have dark circles under your eyes? Here at Clinica London, you can get have Intraceuticals facial and eye rejuvenation. If you'd like to find out more about how this Oxygen infusion treatment can make you look great in the limelight during this festive season, don't miss this post!

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