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Ms Hannah Dunbar

Ms Hannah Dunbar

PhD, MCOptom, BSc (Hons)

Consultant Optometrist
Low Vision Optometry Specialist

GOC 01-20979

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Ms Dunbar is a Consultant Low Vision Optometrist with over 15 years’ experience at Moorfields Eye Hospital Low Vision Service, the largest low vision service in the UK.  She is also a Senior Research Associate at UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.

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Her clinical and research interests include low vision in age-related macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, retinal and non-retinal inherited eye conditions and patients with complex visual needs.

Ms Dunbar has co-authored book chapters on visual function assessment and low vision services and continues to contribute to peer-reviewed literature in these areas.  She is a principal investigator on a multicentre European clinical trial developing visual function endpoints in age-related macular degeneration.

Adult Low Vision Assessment

Paediatric Low Vision Assessment

Subjective Refraction

Cycloplegic Refraction

In-person Low Vision Assessment (new or follow up) £300

International Low Vision Assessment (new or follow up) £325

Virtual Low Vision Assessment £250

Refraction (subjective or cycloplegic) £150

International (subjective or cycloplegic) refraction £175

Ms Dunbar does not accept insurance company payment.​

Low Vision Assessment

A low vision assessment (LVA) assesses the impact of reduced vision on a person’s everyday life so that recommendations can be made to maximise remaining vision and overcome the challenges reduced vision presents. This may be with the addition of optical and electronic visual aids that help maximise visual perception.

The main components of an LVA are:


    • Discussion to understand the impact of a person’s visual impairment

Visual function tests, refraction, spectacle and magnification requirements

    • Tests to measure a person’s current vision and determine whether spectacles can help
    • Determination of magnification requirements
    • How much magnification would be helpful for tasks important to the person

Demonstration of devices: Optical and/or electronic devices as necessary

Optical and electronic devices are available to purchase at additional cost, though there is no obligation to do so

Signposting and advice:

    • Other support services may be recommended and additional advice given

A full report detailing all recommendations and a formal spectacle prescription will be provided

Subjective Refraction

Measurement of the prescription of the eyes to determine whether spectacles are required

A formal spectacle prescription will be provided

Cycloplegic Refraction

Measuring the prescription of the eyes to determine whether spectacles are required after the focusing mechanism of the eyes has been relaxed by eye drops. This is often indicated in infants and young children

A formal spectacle prescription will be provided


  • ​BSc(Hons) Optometry, City University London 2003
  • MCOptom College of Optometrists 2004
  • PhD University College London 2013​


  • Fight For Sight Clinical Fellowship 2008
  • Envision-Atwell Best Young Investigator in Low Vision Award 2011


  • Member of College of Optometrists
  • Member of Association of Optometrists


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