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Laura Crawley gives Clinica London Spring Lecture on microsurgical advances in glaucoma surgery
The Clinica London spring lecture was held at Chandos House on 9th May by glaucoma surgeon Miss Laura Crawley.
At Clinica London we are doing three lectures a year for optometrists – in spring, summer and autumn – and we were delighted to have Laura Crawley, who is a very experienced glaucoma surgeon, providing her insight into microsurgical advances in glaucoma surgery, with small stents that we can place within the eye.

These small stents are called MIGS

The CyPass is a significant advance on the previous Glaukos micro-bypass trabecular iStent, which drains into Schlemm’s canal because it flows into a space called the suprachoroidal space.
This process allows for a greater gradient reduction of intraocular pressure and surprisingly has proved to be much safer, with a lower risk of complications than had initially been expected. In fact, the low level of risk is most likely thanks to the beautiful design of the CyPass stent, its minute size and the skill of the surgeon, Miss Laura Crawley, in inserting it into the suprachoroidal space.

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon and Glaucoma Specialist

Laura’s lecture was intended to help optometrists and opticians to identify those patients with glaucoma and cataracts who may require MIGS.
Laura gave an inspiring and enjoyable lecture. She is indeed an impressive glaucoma surgeon and a passionately dedicated ophthalmologist. She helped to provide an enjoyable evening for around 45 optometrists and opticians from all over London and beyond, who had made an effort to come into the city on a warm, sunny evening for her lecture at 6:00 pm on 9th May.

The meeting took place at Chandos House, which is part of the Royal Society of Medicine. The attendees were able to take their refreshments out on to the terrace and relax as it was a warm, balmy spring evening. We then went up to the York room on the first floor, which is a grand reception room that is set up for lectures. We listened to the excellent talk by Laura, which was followed by an interactive question and answer session.

The CyPass stent impressed us and inspired us to believe that there will be further significant changes in the future in the treatment of glaucoma. At present, the CyPass stent is restricted for use in patients with primary open glaucoma who are undergoing cataract surgery. This small step of putting in the CyPass stent means that they will not require a simultaneous or later trabeculectomy.

In the future, the use of the CyPass stent in later generations yet to be developed is boundless. I can envisage that there will come a time when a newly diagnosed glaucoma patient will have a primary MIGS in a phakic eye, not at the same time as cataract surgery.

And this will either reduce their glaucoma significantly or even allow some of them to have a period of months or years without the need for glaucoma drops.
This exciting area of glaucoma microsurgery was revealed to us by Laura on 9th May. We gave her warm thanks for the time that she dedicated to preparing and delivering an excellent lecture. It was a privilege to be there and to know that at Clinica London we have one of the best, warmest and most skilled glaucoma surgeons in London, who is at the forefront of her profession.
Laura Crawley is a consultant ophthalmologist at Clinica London with a particular interest in treating glaucoma and cataracts. She is also a very experienced teacher and has been published extensively in scientific journals and on the subject of medical education.
She has been a consultant ophthalmologist at Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust since April 2014. She runs her NHS clinics and surgery at the Western Eye Hospital and the Charing Cross Hospital.
At Clinica London, she sees patients with general and emergency eye problems, dry eyes and blepharitis and carries out routine and small urgent procedures. Also, she is responsible for the glaucoma patients who also have cataracts.
Miss Crawley qualified at the University of Bristol in 1999, where she had been the prizewinner of the gold medal and had won the super prize for medicine and surgery.
After completing her studies in Bristol, she did her ophthalmology training at Oxford, and then at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. After this, she went to Imperial College NHS Trust, where she completed a two-year fellowship specializing in glaucoma at the Western Eye Hospital with Mr Philip Bloom.
Miss Crawley won the Alcon glaucoma prize in 2009, the London Research Medal in 2011 and the Royal College of Ophthalmologist Treacher Collins Prize in 2012.

She is at the forefront of her profession. Her research focuses on topical glaucoma treatments, their effect on the ocular surface, endophotocoagulation for glaucoma and complicated glaucoma surgery and postoperative management, for instance, as with the MIGS CyPass micro-stent.
Miss Crawley is also the co-author of the medical student eye book called ‘Ophthalmology at a Glance’ (second edition 2014).

If you would like to contact Laura Crawley to make an appointment, you can do so via Clinica London.

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