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Event Debrief: Blepharoptsis

On November 9th, 2016 Jane Olver gave a lecture about Blepharoptosis. Jane’s lecture was attended by 21 industry professionals. Jane discussed the causes of blepharoptosis, what symptoms to look for, and most importantly what might be hidden by the blepharoptosis.

Jane received an outstanding response to the event. The parts of the lecture that received the most praise were Jane’s visual aids, how she was able to personalise the lecture to the audience, and the question and answer portion of the event. The event went very smoothly and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Participant Comments

“Excellent and would definitely recommend to a friend”

“Was super receptive to questions”

“loved the pictures of the different types of ptosis”

“Please more pictures of tumours under the lid”

“Really good evening, one of the best”

“Good question and answer session”

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