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Event debrief: 6 Practical Considerations for Diagnosing and Treating Red Eye

52 attendees, comprising optometrists and GPs attended the lecture by Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Sajjad Ahmad at Chandos House on the 27th June 2018 on the Red Eye.
It was a hot summer evening, and we enjoyed the barbecue in the Terrace Garden and Bar afterwards, where the attendees chatted with Mr Ahmad and mingled with the other delegates

Mr Ahmad’s research

Mr Ahmad’s enthusiasm for the Ocular surface was striking. His lecture covered all the causes of the red eye. Mr Ahmad particularly stressed the need for taking the time to listen to the patient’s history, which doctors can later confirm by clinical examination.
Mr Ahmad surprised us when he cited the acid injury statistics, but he reassured us that London Ambulance teams have training in the immediate management of chemical injuries. The advances in stem cell research and clinical use for chemical injuries impressed the attendees.

A professional lecture by Mr Ahmad

Mr Ahmad discussed not only chemical injuries but also inflammations and infections as the three big I’s. He talked to us from an evidence-based point of view, thus providing us with the best possible treatment options, not just popular myths.

Lively discussion and Q&A session

A lively discussion followed the Q&A session, on contact lens-related infective keratitis and treatment of dry eyes and Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). He discussed the increasing role of the patient’s biome and how this is an upset in MGD and can be corrected.
We also discussed over dinner, his use of cross-linking for keratoconus, which we perform at Clinica London. The number of attendees was delightful, all of whom had taken time off to come to his lecture instead of going home to their gardens to enjoy the warm June evening. The feedback was unanimously positive with over 90% giving the lecture 5 of 5, excellent and the remainder 4/5. The comments on the feedback forms included “great lecture“, “wonderful venue”, “really interesting”, “I can apply what I have learnt tonight in my clinical practice”, “very practical logical approach to the red eye, super”.
Mr Sajjad Ahmad works at Clinica London every Tuesday morning seeing private patients with ocular surface disorders for patients with symptoms of red eyes, dry eyes, blurred vision, sore eyes, itchy eyes. He is also a corneal surgeon doing keratoconus cross-linking and corneal grafting.
A special thank you to the sponsors of this lecture, Scope and Daybreak.

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