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Event Debrief: Eye Casualty/Loss of Vision On the 21st September, 2016 Clinica London hosted the event ‘Eye Casualty / Loss of Vision’. Our ophthalmologist, Laura Crawley, facilitated the event. The event sold out, with a total of 85 healthcare professionals, 25 General Practitioners and 60 ophthalmologists, attending the event. Laura Crawley’s presentation covered the following:

• Painful vs. painless visual loss— The Red Flags for each
• Vascular causes—Arterial and venous occlusions and what tests are helpful in primary care to ensure optimum management
• Inflammatory vision loss—The role of steroids in optic neuritis
• Flashing lights and floaters—When to refer
• Retinal vs. vitreous detachment—How are they different and why does it matter?
• Reversible causes of visual loss where reassurance is key and routine clinic appointment

The overall impressions of the event were overwhelmingly positive. Attendees of the event found the lecture topics very interesting and engaging. Jane, as a presenter, was also praised for her knowledge and speaking ability.”Excellent and Informative lecture!””One of the best lectures I have been to recently!””Ms Crawley was better than excellent””Very well conducted event!”Requests for further lectures included:

  • Optic disc abnormalities
  •  Maculopathies
  •  Neurophthalmology
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetes
  • Paediatric vision problems
  •  Retinal scan analysis
  •  Multifocal implants

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