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Event debrief: Red eye & modern glaucoma management – a Masterclass for Optometrists and GPs

Clinica London proudly hosted the event “Red eye & modern glaucoma management – a Masterclass” on the 20th January 2016. At the event, Laura Crawley shared a presentation about Glaucoma and the latest treatment option: iStent.
Glaucoma is a lifelong condition that can lead to sight loss, due to optic nerve damage. Glaucoma can be associated with increased pressure within the eye. In the UK alone, half a million people suffer from Glaucoma. With over 70 million people affected, Glaucoma is the most common cause of irreversible blindness in the world. Eye drops can treat the condition by reducing the pressure within the eye. Yet effective, those life-long drops can impact some patient’s life.


The Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust was one of the first that introduced the new method, that is now offered at Clinica London. Glaucoma surgeons, using this eye pressure lowering device for over 1 year now, can record very good results.
The iStent is the smallest device implanted into the human body. It is a snorkel-like device, made out of titanium. At the end of cataract surgery, it can be implanted inside the eye. This helps the fluid inside the eye to drain more effectively. Unfortunately, this new treatment option is not available to all glaucoma patients. iStent is only useful for patients with mild to moderate glaucoma who are on drops and need to have cataract surgery. The procedure does not carry risks other than the risks associated with cataract surgery.

What are the benefits of iStent?

For suitable patients, this treatment can reduce the need for multiple bottles of glaucoma drops. In fact, studies and personal experience have shown that medication can be reduced by 50%. This is very helpful for those patients who struggle to put drops in or who cannot tolerate them.
Furthermore, iStent is cost effective for both, clinic and patients. Using two glaucoma treatments will be profitable 3 years after implanting as compared to ongoing glaucoma drops.
It is still to be found out how iStents perform in the long-term, as Glaucoma is a lifelong condition. But it is a useful tool to have. We are pleased to be able to offer iStent to suitable patients at Clinica London.

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