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Evisceration / Enucleation


Enucleation is the partial surgical removal of an eye.

Enucleation is usually performed under general anesthetic, although it can be done under local anesthetic. The procedure takes up to an hour.

An orbital implant replaces the volume of the eye removed and can be made from various materials. Occasionally fat from the patient’s body is used to replace the volume lost. Muscles are attached to the orbital implant so that the ocular prosthesis will move with the other eye. The orbital implant will not be visible.

If necessary a prosthetic shell can be fitted neatly in front of the implant, behind the eyelids, looking like a normal eye.s22enucleation


Evisceration is the complete surgical removal of the eye, including the lens, iris, vitreos jelly, retina. The white scleral coat to which has the eye muscles are attached is not removed but used to cover the implant.