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The cornea is a clear, curved tissue that covers the anterior part of the eye. Through it, you can see the iris and pupil behind it.

Abrasions and ulcers on the cornea (keratitis) are common. They can affect patients of all ages, and are sometimes associated with corneal foreign bodies, eye trauma, scratches, dry eyes, etc. Symptoms may vary. Minor abrasions usually settle within 24 hours, while more severe abrasions or ulcers can take several days to heal. If you think that you have a corneal abrasion or corneal foreign body it is important to go to an eye clinic immediately, as the cornea can get infected and cause further complications.

Corneal Abrasion and Ulcer



Symptoms depend on the size and depth of the ulcer, the condition of the cornea and whether or not there is an infection. The cornea is extremely sensitive, so even small corneal abrasions can cause a watering eye, redness and possibly sharp pain.

Corneal Abrasion and Ulcer 1 Corneal Abrasion and Ulcer 2

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