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Eyelid Trauma Scarring​

Eyelid Trauma Scarring​

Trauma or surgery to the eyelid can cause scarring, which may then impair normal functioning of the eyelids.

Closing of the eyes may become difficult or impossible, which could then lead to irritation, infection, or dehydration of the eye itself.

Injuries around the eyes may need to be assessed and treated by an oculoplastic surgeon. Trauma around the eye commonly involves the eyelids but may also affect the tear duct (fine canaliculus) and the orbit. Cheekbone injuries (Maxillary bone) can affect the nasolacrimal duct (wide tear duct).

Young people are more commonly involved in accidents, often sport-related. Two of the most common injuries are a laceration to the eyelid and an orbital floor fracture. The laceration to the eyelid often tears the canaliculus which then requires a special repair by an oculoplastic surgeon with the insertion of a silicon tube, known as a Mini Monaka.

Periocular injuries are common in older patients who may fall. It is an important thing to first exclude a perforating or penetrating injury to the eye before considering the eyelid trauma.

Without proper oculoplastic repair of eyelid lacerations, unsightly scarring can occur which will warrant secondary skin graft or z-plasties.

Eyelid Trauma Scarring

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