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Conjunctivitis can be diagnosed through a comprehensive ophthalmological examination. Testing, with special emphasis on evaluation of the inner aspect of the eyelids and the eye surface, may include a history, to determine any symptoms you are experiencing as well as your past history and family history, as many times conjunctivitis can be epidemic into a family.
Your ophthalmologist then does the examination of your eyes using the slit lamp.

Conjunctivitis Treatment

Treatment of conjunctivitis has a general and a specific part.

The general care includes:

  • Cleaning the discharge and crusts with saline and sterile gauze
  • Cold compresses over the eyes to alleviate the symptoms
  • Artificial tears to improve the eye surface environment (it is very important to use separate drops bottles as you could pass the infection from one eye to the other when putting the drops!)

The specific treatment depends on the cause of the conjunctivitis:

  • Infectious conjunctivitis: antibiotic eye drops are usually added to the treatment
  • Allergic disease: antiallergic drops, anti-inflammatory drops, and sometimes steroids drops in the most severe cases
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