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Drooping Eyelids (Ptosis)

Drooping eyelids (ptosis) can be a developing problem as people age or, indeed, a congenital one present from birth. Mild ptosis may not need treatment. However, if the ptosis is interfering with the vision, the consultant may recommend ptosis correction, through ptosis surgery.


Ptosis Surgery for adults

Ptosis surgery typically involves the shortening of the muscles (tendons) that have the function of raising the eyelid. This muscle (tendon) is then reattached to the eyelid using sutures (row of stitches holding together the edge of a wound), which are hidden under the skin.

In some cases, the sutures (stitches) may remain slightly visible on the skin of the eyelids for one week after surgery, which is when they are typically removed.


Ptosis surgery for children

Children who are born with moderate to severe ptosis require treatment to allow for normal vision development. Left uncorrected ptosis can lead to a condition called amblyopia (lazy eye). Amblyopia is associated with poor vision in an eye due to a lack of normal development during early childhood and can lead to a child having poor vision permanently.

The treatment for childhood ptosis is usually surgery, although there are a few rare disorders that can be corrected with medications. The paediatric ophthalmologist will comprehensively assess the child and determine whether or not surgery is needed,

During surgery, the levators (muscles which lift the eyelid) are tightened. In extremely severe cases of ptosis,  the levator is identified to be extremely weak, and therefore,  the lid may be suspended from under the child’s eyebrow so that the forehead muscles can do the lifting.

Ptosis treatment

Ptosis treatment 1

Ptosis treatment 2

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