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Yag Laser Treatment

Yag laser is a special laser treatment to make an opening in the thickened posterior capsule without needing to do further intraocular surgery. It is a simple outpatient visit procedure done at Clinica London using YAG Laser.


What happens during my YAG laser capsulotomy?

After the nurse has checked your vision the surgeon will examine your eye and confirm the need to laser treatment. Your pupil will be dilated with eye drops which takes about 15 to 20 minutes. A big pupil makes it easier for the eye surgeon to see the whole of the thickened capsule and place the laser beam.

An anaesthetic drop is placed on your eye and you sit at the laser machine which looks like the slit lamp which is the machine your eye surgeon usually examines your eye on, but it has a laser attached. A special laser contact lens is gently placed on the surface of the eye and with you keeping still, the laser treatment commences. The contact lens magnifies the view for the cataract surgeon to accurately place the laser points and open the membrane so that you can again see out clearly.

The laser treatment removed part of the thickened posterior capsule without damaging the intraocular lens or other parts of the eye. Your eye absorbs the tiny lasered fragments over 24 hours, which you don’t notice.


How soon will I notice the benefit after YAG laser PC?

Already by the time you leave the clinic, you will notice the improvement in your vision.


What are the risks of YAG laser capsulotomy?

There are very few risks. There may be a transient rise in eye pressure afterwards which if detected is treated. The opening hole made in the thickened capsule may not be big enough and the YAG laser posterior capsulotomy may have to be repeated.

Rarely the eye gets inflamed and the macula waterlogged (macula oedema) which can blur or distort vision. A retinal detachment is extremely rare.


Is there an alternative treatment?

There is no current medical treatment and intraocular surgical posterior capsulotomy has much higher risks to the eye than YAG laser posterior capsulotomy for PCO.


What happens after YAG laser PC?

The eye pressure is checked after the treatment and you are allowed home or to go into work half an hour later. You will be given some anti-inflammatory drops to use for a few days, then return to see your eye surgeon a week or so later.

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