Rejuvenate your skin for special holidays events without invasive surgery

Intraceuticals is an oxygen infusion treatment, which helps to rejuvenate, lighten, smooth and clear the skin. It is a non-invasive oxygen treatment that was initially based on delivery of pharmaceuticals through infusion into the skin for medical purposes. The oxygen helps the penetration of the serum.

There are four main treatment aims, and you choose which one is best suited to you. The Rejuvenate range is best for dehydrated skin with some premature ageing and some fine lines and dark circles under the eyes. I recommend the Rejuvenate Intraceutical oxygen treatment for people with normal or dry skin, from 25 to 65 years old.

We can do the treatment at Clinica London before birthdays, Christmas, big events such as weddings and for professionals attending conferences where they might be tired and have to look refreshed.

First of all there is an aesthetic assessment to determine your skin type and needs. The treatment is done at Clinica London by the nurses and takes up to an hour.

It can either be done as a full face or just around the eyes to pep up and refresh the periorbital area. It gives a smooth translucent and restored appearance. It lifts and hydrates the skin. Each treatment lasts about three days, so it is amply suited for events.

If your skin has areas of pigmentation and dark spots, then I recommend the Opulence range which gives more light reflectivity and if you have more lines I recommend the Atoxelene range. If you would like to find out more about Intraceuticals, please contact Clinica London or look at the website.

We typically recommend Intraceuticals for people 25 to 65 years of age. Note, that I still regard 65 as young and in fact nowadays people older than that might well also consider themselves as young. The peak age for Intraceuticals is in the 40s age group, particularly for people who have to be in the limelight and have to look good. Whether this is being in the limelight as a celebrity in TV, theatre or film or the spotlight at a special event.

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