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Kid’s skin and eyes

Kid's Corner 1

Our facilities for kids

Clinica London has specialist consultants for children’s eyes and skin. Our waiting room is calm, airy and relaxing for both adults and children.

We have a corner with children’s toys, table and books to ease the wait and ensure the child feels that our clinic is a pleasant place to be. We have freshwater and biscuits for the children as well as tea and coffee for the adults. The toilets are just across the waiting room, for children and adult’s convenience.

All the facilities have been thoughtfully designed to ensure all our patients including children have a pleasant experience. Furthermore, We are constantly collecting feedback from our patients who bring in children to ensure we cater as fully as possible for the little ones.

Kid's Corner


We provide a general, specialist and urgent paediatric ophthalmology and dermatology services
Our Paediatric Ophthalmologists do childhood squint (strabismus) and vision development.
Our medical dermatologist is a Paediatric Dermatologist

We also have:

  • An Internationally respected Professor of inherited retinal diseases.
  • A top ocular surface surgeon who looks after children aged 10 years upwards with allergy, keratoconus and corneal disease.
  • Specialist surgeons in oculoplastic and lacrimal paediatric.

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