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Kids & Teens Skin & Eyes

Kid's  Teens Corner

Our Facilities For Kids & Teens

Clinica London has medical specialists for children and adolescents, from birth to 18 years. And we continue looking after them as young adults!

We will look after your children’s and teenager’s eyes and skin.

Our waiting room is calm, airy and relaxing. The toilets are just across the waiting room, with nappy changing facilities. We cater to your teenagers who require a more adult approach. All the facilities have been thoughtfully designed to ensure that children and adolescents have a pleasant safe experience.

From arrival to going home, our friendly and experienced team of receptionists, doctors, nurses, orthoptists, plus the ophthalmic technician and optometrist are on hand to look after your child and teenager.

For squints (strabismus), the Orthoptists measure your child’s vision and strabismus and support the specialist service with Ms Naz Raoof. The Ophthalmic technician carries out highly specialised tests, loved by your children and adolescents. The optometrist fits contact lenses, prescribes glasses and does low vision aids.

The Nurses and the Ophthalmic Technician are all brilliant with your kids and teenagers and make them feel very welcomed and safe when doing their tests, putting in their eye drops or helping with their eye or skin treatment.

Kinds & Teens Eyes

There are five medical Consultants specialising in children’s eyes, eyelids, tear ducts, glasses, squint and visual development.

Kids & Teens Skin

There are two medical Dermatologists specialising in children’s and adolescents’ skin problems.

We are constantly collecting feedback from our patients who bring their kids and teenagers in to see us, in order to improve the care of these age groups.

Kid's Corner

Clinica London – Who we are:

Clinica London provides general, specialist and urgent paediatric and adolescent ophthalmology and dermatology services, covering all aspects of children’s and teenagers vision, eyes and skin problems. Children from birth to adulthood are welcomed.

Our Paediatric Ophthalmology Consultants treat childhood squint (strabismus) and vision development, myopia, watering eyes, chalazion, blepharitis, keratoconus, allergic conjunctivitis and many other children’s and teenager’s eye conditions.

Our Specialist Paediatric Dermatologists treat all children’s and teenager’s skin problems including rosacea, acne, eczema and other allergic skin conditions, and skin lesions requiring biopsy.

Our specialists 

We are seven exceptional Specialist Eye and Skin Consultants who look after Children’s and Teenager’s eye and skin health:

  • Ms Naz Raoof. Lead paediatric Ophthalmologist and Neuro-ophthalmologist for squints (strabismus), optic nerve problems and refractive errors and visual development.
  • Mr Sajjad Ahmad. Top ocular surface and external eye corneal surgeon for children, teenagers and young adults from age 10 years and upwards who have an allergy, blepharitis, chalazion, allergic eye disease, keratoconus and other corneal diseases.
  • Professor Michel Michaelides. Internationally respected Professor of inherited retinal diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa, cone dystrophies and hundreds of other inherited retinal problems, from aged zero to young adulthood.
  • Ms Tessa Fayers and Ms Jane Olver. Specialist eye surgeons in blepharitis, chalazion, orbital, eyelid (oculoplstic) and tear duct (lacrimal) problems in children and adolescents.
  • Dr Jennifer Crawley and Dr Angela Tewari Medical Dermatologists specialising in children’s medical and surgical skin problems for children of all ages, especially teenagers with spots (acne).
  • Orthoptists Mr Joe McQuillan, Mr Greg Richardson, Mr Vijay Patel and Miss Gina Harris all measure children’s vision and how the two eyes work together.

We all belong to the Clinica London Team.

The Clinica London team want to help children’s and teenager’s vision develop optimally and for their skin to be healthy and glowing as they grow up to be healthy beautiful adults.

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