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Mid-face lift

Mid-face descent (mid-face ptosis) and an excess of lower lid/upper cheek skin (festoons) are usually treated surgically by lifting and cutting away tissue.

At Clinica London we perform mid-face lift surgery. However, with newer techniques and a greater appreciation of the periorbital changes with age, we are finding that more and more patients are opting for filler into the cheek-lid junction than having more invasive mid-face lift surgery.

There are different techniques to perform a mid-face lift and the best option will be chosen after a thorough assessment. Mid-face lifts are usually performed under general anaesthesia. An overnight stay may be necessary depending on the patient’s age and the time of day the operation is performed (i.e. late evening).

A mid-face lift is usually done in conjucntion with a blepharoplasty. This means that the two approaches most commonly used compliment the two different blepharoplasty approaches. These procdures are either done via the conjunctiva or a sub-ciliary incision. Festoons are removed by direct surgical excision at the lid-cheek junction.

For more pronounced mid-face ptosis requiring a more substantial lift, temporal incisions can be used and the cheek can be lifted with an Endotine® ribbon. The ribbon is placed under the muscles of the face. Scarring is normally hidden within the hairline and existing, natural, facial lines.