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2703, 2019

Tips on how to put on sunscreen

By |March 27th, 2019|Categories: Dermatology, Jennifer Crawley|

In Britain, we've become accustomed to gloomy weather, even during the summer, so sunscreen is often the last thing on our minds. However, when the sun does come out, we can't wait to go outside and bask in the warmth and light. The thought of putting on sunscreen can seem like a boring and messy chore, and we find excuses not to wear it. However, even on cloudy days the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays can damage our skin, and it's vital not only to wear the right protective sunscreen but to apply it properly. Read our consultant's tips here to make sure you're properly protected.

1203, 2019

At what age should you get a general eye check-up?

By |March 12th, 2019|Categories: General Eye Conditions|

It can be frustrating to have had perfect eyesight all your life and then find, usually in your 40s, that you’re squinting at small print you could once read with ease. So we recommend that everyone has regular eye tests from the age of 40. But eye tests are not just about choosing the trendiest glasses to correct age-related vision deterioration! Regular tests are essential for spotting the early signs of potentially sight-threatening diseases, such as glaucoma, so that you can start treatment straight away and minimise the need for more invasive intervention.

2811, 2018

Little-known ways to treat meibomian gland dysfunction at home

By |November 28th, 2018|Categories: General Eye Conditions|

If you suffer from the genetic condition meibomian gland dysfunction, you will suffer from dry, itchy, red eyes most likely accompanied by a low-grade infection along your eyelid margins. Although you will never get rid of it entirely, there is a tried and trusted way of keeping this troublesome condition at bay, which is cleaning, massaging and warming your eyelids. However, we hear of various other home remedies that are said to work. Read on to find out if they’re worth a try!

2711, 2018

Get rid of any eyelid lesion without having too much downtime!

By |November 27th, 2018|Categories: Chalazion, Eyelid Surgery|

If you have a lesion on your eyelid, it’s vital that you have it checked. It may be something harmless, such as a skin tag, cyst or mole, but there is also the chance that it might be a cancer, so it’s essential to get the right diagnosis. If the lesion is suspicious, one of our consultant ophthalmologists will remove it and carry out a biopsy. If the lesion is benign, we will simply remove it swiftly and painlessly. We offer a special one-stop assessment and treatment package for any kind of abnormal tissue on the eyelid. Read on to find out further details.

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Here’s what they say

“Dr. Jane Olver was fantastic! She was so caring and sweet and it was clear that she knew what she was doing – very professional! I am absolutely over the moon with my results now!”

Toni C.

“Jane Olver is your woman – I wish I had found her at the start. I will be forever grateful for her care and expertise.”

Nancy W.

“Just wanted to thank you for your exceptional assistance with my eye condition. I was so worried but you really helped me feel at ease.”

David T.

“I felt much better after speaking to you and being reassured. I am much calmer and actually got some sleep last night.”

Catherine M.
“I was deeply impressed by the politeness and empathy shown to me. I found the surgery very peaceful and beautifully decorated and I hope to see Jane again soon.”
Jeffrey W.
“I highly recommend Jane Olver. The whole experience was calm and highly professional.”
Lorraine M.
“I am writing to you to say thank you to you, Cloe and Jane for taking care of me this week. You were all really lovely and professional and I am very grateful. Big cheer for The Clinica London Team.”
Rick A.
“Many thanks for taking care of my ptosis surgery today. I am now back home and resting but wanted to send a quick note to thank you for taking such good care of me.”
“The treatment was a great success; within 24 hours of starting the treatment the pain and swelling subsided and as a result, I was able to enjoy a great holiday in Argentina.”
“Thank you, my eye is recovering brilliantly (you almost can’t see I had it). Jane was amazing, please pass on a huge thank you.”

“What I loved most was her willingness to take my knowledge of my disease and experience into consideration. I am very impressed and feel lucky to be in her care.”
Fiona M.
“Dr. Crawley is always in such a good mood and always does her utmost to help. Best doctor I have ever seen!”
Matthew K.
“Dr. Crawley has a wonderful manner, is clearly knowledgeable and is an asset to the hospital.”
Lisa A.
“It was a pleasure to be there, the premises are excellent and the professionalism and care that was extended to me were equally excellent. I can’t fault any part of the process whatsoever and am pleased that the procedure seems to have been successful.”
Rob Swallow
“Thank you for your help during the year.”
Julia S.
“Just a quick note for saying thanks for looking after my Mum so wonderfully as she was very worried about the appointment and you really made such a big difference to the experience.”
Sven K.

“Thank you very much for seeing me yesterday, you were marvellous and a pride to the NHS.”

Mariah P.
“I was treated with great courtesy and kindness, and everything was explained to me in layman’s terms so I could fully understand my condition. I was immensely impressed.”
“Many thanks to Mr Khan. His prompt diagnosis and explanation was very reassuring indeed.”
Heather M.
“Dr Khan and Ingrid both put me at ease, talked me through the procedure, the aftercare, gave general tips/advice for maintaining a healthy/clean eye and were really friendly, whilst being professional throughout.”

“Just keep up the good work Dr. Khan. My wife, who accompanied me, and I were both very impressed by the care and consideration shown by the whole team when I had surgery. The care of this team has made it a wonderful experience for me.”
David S.
“Ever since my first consultation with you, the caring dedication and understanding I have received from you has been priceless. Thank you with all my heart. Wishing you a healthy and happy future.”
Doreen S.
“We left with a much greater understanding of the issues involved with genetic testing. It was also very helpful and reassuring to see Dr. Amar again and be introduced to Jonathan the genetic counselor.”
Rachael S.
“On behalf of my mother as well as myself, I would like to thank you for the consultation we had with you last Friday regarding my Usher Type 2/ RP condition. The knowledge and advice you shared with us was much appreciated.”
Chris B.
“Your caring attitude and honest approach to help relieve my problem and find the best solution is overwhelming. And it is with this in mind we would like to express our sincere thanks for everything you have done for me.”
Maurice K.


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