Treatment: Orbital (orbital decompression) and strabismus surgery in TED2016-10-28T15:56:27+00:00

Orbital (orbital decompression) and strabismus surgery in TED

The small muscle that moves the eyes may become enlarged due to scarring. This can impede eye movement and cause double vision.

Squint surgery is performed to move the eye muscles in relation to the eye to provide the best possible field of single vision, allowing the eyes to function near normally. Squint surgery is only done once the thyroid eye disease and double vision are stable. Whilst waiting for the double vision to stabilize a small plastic prism can be placed on the back surface of a lens on the patient’s glasses, called a Fresnl prism.

Squint surgery is performed under general or local anaesthestic and the eye muscles that are most scarred are delicately detached from the eyeball and reattached a few millimetres back and using a small suture which can be adjusted as necessary wihthin the first 24 hours.

After surgery the eye may be patched for 24 hours and then a course of eye drops started for 3–4 weeks.