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Remote Consultations 

Due to the unfortunate coronavirus outbreak, Clinica London is running a remote reception to handle all queries and remote consultation bookings. Effectively this is a video triage service. If however, an eye emergency is suspected, then the patient will be advised on the best course of action.  We are able to issue prescriptions. You can reach our remote receptionists on 07760783942 or

What does a remote consultation entail? 

When a patient sends an inquiry form, an email or calls the clinic, a member of staff will discuss with the patient their medical issue and if indeed a video consultation is appropriate.  If a video consultation is deemed appropriate, then a time will be agreed in advance as an in-person consultation would be. Our consultants will be carrying out the consultation in a location that would be appropriate for a face-to-face consultation, ie. quiet and with adequate privacy. They will be using multiple methods to contact patients, therefore we will endeavor to use the communication method that the patient is indeed used to. This may include Zoom, Skype, What’s app video, Gotomeeting, and FaceTime.

The consultants are able to issue prescriptions after the consultation if this is indeed required.

Who should seek a video consultation?

  • Follow up consultations
  • Initial Consultations where the eye or skin is normally examined without complex equipment
  • Regular patients of the clinic, where the conditions and records are already on file

Patients with an eye or skin emergency

In case there is a patient who is required to be seen as a matter of emergency, then the consultant will advise the patient on the best course of action. For your safety, only a limited number of face-to-face consultations are possible and they are dependent on the urgency and appropriateness of a face-to-face consultation for your eye or skin condition.

The remote receptionist on 07760783942 will discuss your query directly with the consultant and confirm the appropriateness or not, of a remote consultation. A limited number of urgent conditions have to be seen in person by the consultants, e.g. a corneal foreign body from a welding flash where complicated diagnostic tests are not required, but the painful foreign body requires delicately removing from the surface of the eye under local anaesthesia with the help of a microscope. In such instances, the consultant will take extra safety measures due to the risk of spread of coronavirus, for your and their safety.

Insurance cover

Insurance companies are now approving video and telephonic remote consultations. If you are insured you should check with your insurance company and obtain preauthorisation for a remote Consultation. Patients can get more information about forms of payment when booking the appointment.


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