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Covid-19 Safety Information

Covid-19 Safety Information


Updated 15th December 2021

We are open for medical Eyes and Skin care, and Aesthetic treatments.

Clinica London is a dedicated private ophthalmic and dermatology clinic for babies, children, teenagers and adults. We remain fully open for ophthalmology and dermatology face to face medical care. We also do aesthetic treatments around the eyes and face for adult patients.

There is rapid access for clinical consultations, treatments and surgeries and we provide booked video consultations.

Your safety, health and comfort is our priority.

All our staff are regularly tested for Covid-19 and have received their double vaccinations and booster.


Video Consultation Option

If you prefer to have a video-consultation this can be arranged with all our consultants, wherever you are in the world. If you have private medical insurance this should be pre-authorised.

Please book your appointment via contact@clinicalondon.co.uk or call Reception on 020 7935 7990.


COVID-19 safety for patients

We have in place strict COVID-19 safety measures, which ensure social distancing and cleanliness, for your safety and comfort when you visit us.

We aim to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus within the clinic and the community. The clinic environment is spacious with large rooms on two and a half floors, giving ample space for social distancing.

We provide a personalised service for each patient.

Unlike a busy NHS Hospital, we have only a small number of people at a time in the building.

Please note:

  • Staff tested a minimum of twice weekly for COVID-19.
  • Staff wear PPE masks, and for procedures wear PPE scrubs and gloves.

Your responsibilities:

  • PLEASE: We are grateful to you for arranging your own antigen Lateral Flow Test 24 hours prior to attending your consultation, treatment or surgery.
  • Please inform reception as soon as possible if you cannot attend because of COVID-19 infection.
  • If you do not feel quite right on the day of your planned attendance or 24 to 48 hours beforehand, please arrange an antigen test LFT via your pharmacy or the Government website, they are free. https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests

Guidance for your visit to Clinica London

  • We screen everyone who attends the clinic and do not see unwell patients. You will receive safety instructions with do’s and dont’s before you attend
  • You should wear a face mask in the clinic please unless there is a medical contraindication or you are aged less than 12 years old
  • We have video-monitored door entry so you can be identified entering the building, buzzed in and ushered directly up to the clinic
  • The reception on the Mezzanine floor where you are first greeted maintains at a 3 meters distance between the receptionist and the patient
  • There is signage to remind you of social distancing and alcoholic gel stations in all rooms for hands
  • Appointment times are spaced out to minimise the number of patients in the building at any one time so you will have minimal contact with other patients
  • You are requested to arrive on time for your appointment, so as to minimise the time spent in the clinic and avoid overlap with other patients
  • The number of companions you may bring with you is limited to a maximum of one. However, if your child is attending, both parents may accompany
  • Your translator can attend in addition to one relative
  • Your relatives, friends and drivers are encouraged to wait outside of the premises whilst you are being seem
  • We will not offer you hot drinks in the waiting room, water is available at all times

If you have any questions concerning your visit to Clinica London, please do not hesitate to contact us. contact@clinicalondon.co.uk or tel 020 7935 7990.

Ms Jane Olver FRCS FRCOphth, Medical Director

15th December 2021


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