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Clinica London is now open and providing full medical eye and skin care in a safe environment. You may have an on-site consultation, treatment and surgery.

We are back at Clinica London

From today Monday 18th May 2020 our Consultants, Receptionist and Ophthalmic Technician are now all back at Clinica London.

Safety at Clinica London

We are all aware of the risks of coronavirus spread and have addressed this for your safety when you attend Clinica London.

When you are seen at Clinica London the consultant is prudent and careful for your and their health. The Consultant will wear a face mask and disposable gloves, and respect social distancing when speaking with you.

NB If you have a fever, persistent cough or other signs of COVID-19 you should not come into the clinic until you are completely well, in line with Government recommendations.

The Receptionist

The receptionist sitting at her Reception desk is here to help you. She will answer your eye or skin query and book the consultation, treatment or surgery you require. She will take your call on 07760783942 or you can email her at

Consultations, Treatments and Surgery

Many eye and skin conditions must be seen in the clinic for optimal care and cannot be managed by a remote consultation.


Skin patients with moles, suspicious skin lesions, keloid scars that require treatment and skin tags and other lesions that require minor surgical removal can only be seen in person at the clinic by the Dermatologist. Younger adults and adolescents with acne rosacea are also welcomed back to Clinica London for their assessment and management.


Patients with urgent eye problems such as a corneal foreign body that needs removing, an eyelid chalazion that requires incision and drainage under local anaesthetic, and with conditions that require diagnostic investigation and assessment such as glaucoma, cataract, vision loss, age related macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, eye floaters, childhood squint and visual development, can now be seen in the clinic.

Eyelid surgery such as chalazion incision and curettage, ptosis surgery, and tumour removal under local anaesthetic have all resumed at Clinica London.

Aesthetic treatments and surgery

Aesthetic treatments such as tear trough treatments with hyaluronate (HA) filler, reversal of old HA filler and anti-wrinkle injections have resumed. Eyelid aesthetic cosmetic surgery is again at Clinica London. Please ring reception to find out what treatments are available.

Children’s Eye Problems

From this week the paediatric Ophthalmologist and her Orthoptist is running full weekly clinics in house for children with squints (strabismus), lazy eye (amblyopia), watering eyes, nystagmus and myopia.

Remote video consultation if you are self-isolating

A remote video consultation is done on-line using video conference software such as Zoom and is pre-booked in a similar way to a face-to-face consultation. It has to be pre-authorised by your Private Medical Insurance company. If you are a self-paying patient you can get more information about costs when booking the appointment.

The Storm has passed

Now the storm has passed we can put our energy into rebuilding our lives and we won’t waste time looking back. We learned much from the storm and value the calm afterward. Be patient. Like storms, the challenges will pass and we are wiser.

“Welcome back to Clinica London”

Jane Olver, Medical Director

18th May 2020

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