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What happens during a mole check?

With regards of examining of moles it is very important to be very vigilant about the moles on your skin and if there is any concern or any queries, that perhaps those moles are changing, it is very, very important that you get them looked at.

When you come to Clinica we take a detailed history, especially with regards to the amount of sun exposure you have had over your lifetime. And if there is any family history of any skin cancer within the family, we would then do a very thorough examination of your skin, looking at the lesion or the mole that you have come concerned about, but also to examine the skin in general, to make sure we are not worried about any other areas that may have been affected by UV damage over the years.

We will use a dermatoscope in order to assess all of the moles on your skin. If any of the moles look abnormal, we would then want to excise them, so we can have a look at the lesion or the mole under the microscope. Once that result comes back, it is very important that we discuss this in great detail and plan any further surgery, should that be required.


Why have your mole checked?

Most moles are usually harmless but it is still important to have them checked as they may develop into melanoma (a type of skin cancer), which is very common in the uk, risk factors include:

  • Regular use of sunbeds
  • Medicines affecting the immune system
  • Regular sun exposure
  • Large moles
  • A large number of moles


How much does a mole check cost?

Prices will depend upon the type of procedure carried out and the individual patient, after our initial consultation the price of which ranges from £200 – £400. If, for example, we conclude that you require treatment, a surgical excision of a skin lesion if required would range from £500-£750.

Please book a consultation for a written quote with a full breakdown of treatment costs.

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