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Basal cell carcinoma treatment

The most common dermatology treatment for basal cell carcinoma is surgery. We can also use some other, but less common, treatment modalities. For example, we may use topical therapy for certain subtypes of basal cell carcinoma.
Surgical excision is the preferred treatment, but the choice of other treatments depends on:

  • Site and size of the basal cell carcinoma
  • Condition of the surrounding skin
  • Number of basal cell carcinomas to be treated (some people have multiple)
  • Overall state of health of each person to be treated


Basal Cell Carcinoma Consultation

During your appointment at Clinica London, we’ll perform a full and thorough history. In addition, we’ll perform a detailed examination of the lesion, including examination by dermatoscopy. This involves looking at the lesion with a special instrument called a dermatoscope.

This consists of a magnifier and light source and allows in-depth inspection of skin lesions to help decide if it is benign or cancerous. We can examine all parts of the body, including the torso, limbs, face, neck, hands and feet with this method.

As part of the investigation and management of a basal cell carcinoma, we’ll perform a skin biopsy or skin excision in the minor procedure room at Clinica London. This involves injecting a local anaesthetic to the area and removing or sampling the area. We then send this to the histopathology laboratory for analysis. We would then bring you back to discuss all the results and what treatment you may need.

If you are considering Basal Cell Carcinoma treatment, see our prices on consultancy and treatment.

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