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Eczema treatment

Most dermatology eczema treatments are topical. With more severe eczema, some people need to take oral medication as well.

Regular emollient therapy is the mainstay and most important part of treatment for all patients with eczema. This includes the:

  • Application of a moisturiser
  • Washing with a moisturiser instead of soap
  • Using a moisturising bath oil
  • Contact us for an eczema consultation



During your consultation at Clinica London, we’ll take a full history and perform a skin assessment of your eczema. We’ll give you a treatment plan based on the severity of your eczema, which may include a variety of treatments as discussed above.

Sometimes we need to take a skin biopsy if the diagnosis is uncertain. We carry this out under local anaesthetic in the minor ops room at Clinica London. We send this sample to histopathology for analysis. It is important that we follow up with you at appropriate time points to ensure an improvement in your rash.

If you are considering Eczema treatment you can see our prices for treatment and consultation.

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