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Malignant Melanoma Treatment

The dermatology treatment for a suspected melanoma is surgical excision. Most patients do not need either radiotherapy or chemotherapy. You’ll need close follow-up following diagnosis.

If the mole, under dermoscopy, concerns us, we’ll perform a skin biopsy or skin excision in the minor procedure room at Clinica London. This involves injecting a local anaesthetic to the area and removing or sampling the area. We then send this to the histopathology laboratory for analysis. We would then bring you back to discuss all the results with you and what further treatment you may need.

We also perform sequential photography of moles so we can compare if there are any changes over time. This is extremely useful for monitoring moles and lesions especially if there are many moles on the skin.


Melanoma Consultation

During your appointment at Clinica London, we’ll perform a full and thorough history including potential risk factors for melanoma. In addition, we will perform a detailed examination of your mole, including examination by dermatoscopy. Dermatoscopy involves looking at the mole with a special instrument called a dermatoscope.

This consists of a magnifier and light source and allows in-depth inspection of skin lesions to help us decide if they are benign or cancerous. We can examine all parts of the body, including the torso, limbs, face, neck, hands and feet with this method.

If you are considering Malignant Melanoma treatment you can see our prices for treatment and consultation.

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