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Seborrhoeic Keratoses Treatment.

Seborrhoeic keratoses will not go away spontaneously and if they are causing irritation, or are catching on clothes, or are unsightly, then they can be treated by your dermatologist.

Treatment is by freezing with liquid nitrogen called cryotherapy, or curetting or shaving the seborrheic keratoses off surgically under local anaesthetic. These are walk-in walk-out, out-patient treatments.

Cryotherapy is suitable for thinner lesions which are not very raised. A curette uses a special surgical instrument called a curette which shells out the seborrhoeic keratosis, whereas a shave excision biopsy uses a blade in order to remove the benign skin growth.

Healing following all these treatments is rapid, usually within 5 to days and does not usually leave a visible scar. Sometimes there may be a small dip in the skin where the lesion was, which is barely detectable.

Further lesions may occur if you have a tendency to form seborrheic keratoses and as you get older, which in turn can be treated.


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