Want your sagging brows raised? Get a Botox brow lift

Are your eyebrows sagging and have you wondered about having surgery? Does it run in your family that your eyebrows start to droop and you look tired, and they feel heavy?

Although brow surgery is a recognised procedure, which can be done by various techniques including endoscopic brow lift, coronal brow lift, pretrichial brow lift, direct mid-forehead brow lift, direct supra-brow brow lift and direct superolateral brow lift, all these operations are somewhat invasive.

By invasive, I mean that there are surgical risks and recovery downtime, which can be anything between a minimum of three weeks and six months. The risks include nerve palsy; eyebrows that are too high or asymmetrical, visible scars and subsequent reversion to brow droop, which is known as ptosis.

There is a very good alternative that has been tried and tested with hundreds of patients over many years in my practice, and that is of a Botox brow lift.

It is a very simple, elegant way of opening up your eyebrows so that your eyes look more rejuvenated and your eyebrows feel less heavy. It also helps to alleviate the headache-type pain and discomfort you can sometimes experience from heavy brows, particularly in between the eyebrows at the glabella. You will also feel very tired as a result of trying to lift the brows constantly all day long, which feels worse towards the end of the day.

A Botox brow lift is a variation of an aesthetic brow lift, and doctors discovered it in the course of providing cosmetic botulinum treatment to lines and wrinkles around the eyes. They noted that if they targeted the upper outer brow and lateral orbicularis with the Botox that this would help to lift the eyebrows together, with the injections done at the glabella and some little injections on the forehead.

I would recommend that, if your eyebrows are drooping or feeling heavy, instead of going along the surgical line, you consider the less invasive Botox brow lift, which has virtually no downtime. The treatment takes just less than half an hour.

At worst you may have a small bruise afterwards, and although the therapy does have some risks, which include asymmetry and inadvertent ptosis, it is of lower risk than brow elevation surgery.

A Botox brow lift lasts from three to six months, after which time we will need to repeat the treatment. Many patients have this procedure done regularly two to three times a year here at Clinica London. We invite you to join them

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Jane Olver BSc, MBBS, DO, FRCS, FRCOphth

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
Eyelid & Lacrimal Specialist

Resident expert – Jane Olver

I am trained as an eye surgeon, and work both as a medical general ophthalmologist and oculoplastic (eyelid), lacrimal (tearduct) surgeon, and also do cosmetic rejuvenation and eyelid surgery.

In 2010, I founded Clinica London with the aim of providing a rapid access, high quality, Private Eye and Skin Clinic with several Consultant Specialists. Since 2014, I worked full time at Clinica London as both a Specialist Ophthalmologist and Medical Director.

I see many patients with general eye problems, dry eyes, eyelid and watering eye problems.

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